Who are you?
         I am Max, Otherwise known as "Apple". I am from the Southwest part Of the United States. I have been gaming for several years.

Do you have a Discord?
         Yes! The Invite is on my main page of this site! Click the arrow at the top and You'll beable to find it easily!

When do You stream?
         I need to get a set schedule

SSBM main/secondaries?
         Sheik is my main along side Ganondorf and Luigi.

Do you also play Smash 4? If so what do you play?
         I do somewhat play smash 4 but I like SSBM more so; I play fox and bowser.

What do you stream?
         A lot of Super Smash brothers Melee, On top of Random games.

Who made your Twitch Graphics?
         A dude by the name of Connor, Check him out on his twitter @connorlipke. he does logos and twitter banners aswell like the one on my twitter! Previous graphics were made by Zurrx.

Will you play with viewers?
         The answer is Yes, I am down to netplay and such with people who wanna play. Definitely helps me practice!

Do you truly have a junkrat laugh?
         Yes, You'll probably hear it in my videos, or Streams if you tune in... Its also apparently a joker laugh too... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What got you heavy into wanting to compete?
         It was a combination of wishing to get better along side being talked down upon back in 2010, I drove myself to get better and better so I could possibly outshine someone else. Then after one of the blizzcons, a big blizzard ran convention with tournaments, I got it into my head that I wanted to go and win. I am possibly crazy for thinking that but Dream big, achieve bigger~

Emails for any inquires/business?
         pomme@treepnch.net is my main one, I do try and check it as much as I can.

What do you do outside of Streaming/Playing Video games?
         The biggest thing is I love video editing, Making silly little edits and such. Check my youtube for it!

What will be posted on your youtube?
         Mostly game highlights, silly moments and montages ontop of me just doing some small short videos that I felt like making.

What did you do before Smash Bros?
         Mostly World Of Warcraft Arena, I was 2.1k rated in MoP which isn't too big of a deal honestly... but then the game just stressed me out too much, not fun to pull my hair out trying to find people to play arena with then just fail. I also played a bit of Overwatch, winning some first places in solo queue or pug tournaments with randoms, but thats pretty much it.

Other Games/Game Series you like?
         Legend Of Zelda Series, Half life Series, Mass Effect Series. Medal Of honor Allied assault, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike... There is so much more that aren't coming to me.